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We are a group of people seeking world peace and bringing smiles to people in need.
The project aims at assisting a total of 1900 beneficiaries during the project and as many as 1200 Politicians, Religious Leaders and Youth to know the negative consequences that WAR brings to HUMANITY. In addition, an institutional framework will be put in place to develop a strategy to ensure the long – term sustainability of the project. The project will give specific attention
to the needs and rights and peace of the Child and Humanity in the Country.

During this period the project will give special attention to the target group through sensitization as well as consolidating the institutional structures for a long term sustainability of the project.

Approval of an expansion component will be considered after the initial 4 years of the project, following a preliminary assessment of achievements under the pilot project. The expansion component will cover other identified sites in the project area.

Area and location: km, Agona West Municipal in the Central Region, Ghana.
Population: 115,358, 54159 males (47.9%) and 61,199 females (53.1%) per the 2011 census
Power supply: All zonal and urban towns are hooked on the national grid
Water: Kwanyaku Dam serves all the Agona Municipalities and Districts and 5 adjoining Districts. Smaller communities are having bore-holes. All urban towns have portable water.
Telecommunication: Available in the Municipality
Financial services: there are 11 banks both Government and Private Banks in the Municipality
Education: The Municipality has 138 Primary schools, 85 Junior High and 5 Senior High Schools
Principal economic activities: Agriculture is the principal activity with about 40% of the working population employed in this sector, the service sector is largely confined to public administration, education, health services and commercial activities.



All over the developing world, the issue of Political Conflicts and Child Abuse is on the rise and Ghana is no exception to this phenomenon. In spite of the fact that Ghana is the first country, south of the Sahara to adopt the UN convention on Peace and the right of the Child, cases of Political Conflict and Child Abuse abound in the country.

Prior to the preparation of this project document, a research covering the entire project site (Agona Swedru and its immediate surrounding areas) was conducted. The main objective of the research was to ascertain the fundamental issues pertaining to conflict and child abuse.
One of the major findings was that (more than 10%) of the population of children sampled would have wished to be in school. However they are not in school, due too parental neglect and inability of parents and guardians to send their children to school for lack of resources (poverty)

In politics, everything we do, the winner takes all and poor management of our economy have led to illiteracy, broken marriages/homes due to ignorance on the part of parents and guardians as a result. The world will not see or enjoy PEACE and all the time Child Abuse and cases of conflicts will be on the increase.

Conflicts and Child Abuse cases also identified during the survey included sexual exploitation, child labor, parental neglect, child delinquency, child trafficking and physical assault against children. Very often, reports of these forms of abuse are carried in the mass media. In the first quarter of last year 2014, a woman was sentenced to death for assaulting her step son to death, for no fault of the boy. The research carried out indicated that this vulnerable group of children will benefit from NMFP’s program.

Ghana For Peace

Religious Leaders Advocate For Peace

  The NobleMen for Peace called on all religious leaders and other stakeholders for a Peace talk prior to the 2016 General Elections in the Agona-Swedru Cottage Na’Grill Hotel Conference Hall. The Agenda was to have a memorandum of understand to ensure peace and stability in the country before, during and after the General Elections. […]

kids become VICTIM when there is WAR.

These Kids are crying for PEACE a perfect PEACE, this WORLD is a beautiful place to live, that is why we are crying for Peace.


Agona Swedru Compassion Walk for PEACE and Cessation of WAR, All that we the Children of Agona Swedru Compassion are saying to our Leaders of this dear Nation Ghana, Politicians, Religious Leaders and all Organizations that, We kids need PEACE. Give us Peace. We are Inviting everybody to Join us to sing a Peace song […]

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