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Vision and P urpose of Noblemen for Peace.

Today, it is thought that roughly 70 percent of the world’s population claims to be religious and Politicians. With approximately 4,250 religions being practiced in the world, the reasons people adhere to the prescibed ideologies can be understood to be as diverse as the practices associated with them. Many people find solace in thier religions, choosing to ignore the fact that the self-same ideology which provides such comfort to them, can alsobe used by unscrupulous individuals to motivate, instigate, and perpetuateconflicts.

Whilst it is to simplistic to say that the diverse ideologies and spiritual traditions of our world are the cause of such conflicts, there can be nodenying the influence they exert on them. Certainly, if the religions of ourworld are able to resolve the conflicts thatexist between theirown denominations, as well as those existing between different religions, we will have taken a big towards making world peace a reality.

In order to achieve this end, the Peace Summit will serve as a meeting place where the representatives of the religions of the local and international will gather to unite in overcoming the deep-rooted barries which have come to exist, and in doing so, promote unity and peace. Through discussions, an interfaith peace agreement–a document that will form the foundation upon which an interfaith constitution can later be written and implemented — will be formed.

This agreement will be the first step in solidifying a world alliance of religions whose aim is to pursue world peace- a legacywhich we will be proud to leave to all the generations who follow in the footsteps.

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