Peace Conferences

Peace By Poison: How the Coronavirus Could Fix Globalization Problems - The National Interest

The coronavirus pandemic is stress-testing a global system that was already beginning to crack. In what my students at the Naval War College have termed the condition of “fractured globalization,” the virus, Covid-19, is accelerating a series of disintegrative processes, which could end up ushering in the long-awaited post–Cold War world. After the fall of the Soviet Union, the gamble that guided U.S. foreign policy was that setting up a

Religious Leaders Advocate For Peace

  The NobleMen for Peace called on all religious leaders and other stakeholders for a Peace talk prior to the 2016 General Elections in the Agona-Swedru Cottage Na’Grill Hotel Conference Hall. The Agenda was to have a memorandum of understand to ensure peace and stability in the country before, during and after the General Elections. They all (Religious And Other Stakeholders) came into agreement that they will use their platform