Religious Leaders Advocate For Peace

Religious Leaders Advocate For Peace


The NobleMen for Peace called on all religious leaders and other stakeholders for a Peace talk prior to the 2016 General Elections in the Agona-Swedru Cottage Na’Grill Hotel Conference Hall. The Agenda was to have a memorandum of understand to ensure peace and stability in the country before, during and after the General Elections.

They all (Religious And Other Stakeholders) came into agreement that they will use their platform to preach about the essence of peace and cessation of war to leave peace as a legacy for the future generations.

These days the youths are getting involved in armed robbery and the girls are into prostitution which threatens and undermine the peace of the  world and the country. The organization(noblemenforpeace) made a promise to ensure that teenage pregnancy and armed robbery will be a thing of the past; using the religious leaders, politicians youth groups and all stakeholders platforms will help the youths to have a change of attitude.

We are appealing to the world, companies, organizations, religious bodies, youth groups, chiefs and politicians to support us in kind and other logistics to be able to reach less privileged young people to understand that there are more things that they can do than indulging in such acts(armed robbery, smoking, drugs, prostitution e.t.c.) .

Noblemen for peace will train their minds and let them know there is a brighter future for them.

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  1. Great job keep it up we all need peace before money and wealth peace is very very important.
    Making the youths responsible is vital for peace and I think the whole world should support this.


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