PeaceWalk 2016 – Agona-Swedru

PeaceWalk 2016 - Agona-Swedru


Excerpts of peace walk 2016 to promote peaceful elections 2016.

The Noblemen for peace organised a walk to promote a peaceful election in the Agona-Swedru township. The target group were the youths and the general public of which many prominent men and women were invited to join this campaign for peace in the area. The numbers were very encouraging as many fun groups in the township also joined the campaign.

In the campaign, the Metropolitan Chief Executive (MCE) Hon. Samuel K. Oppong delivered a speech to the youths and the general public urging them to put their Political differences apart and unit as one people with one common destination and a common homeland Ghana.

He also urged to people to cast their votes wisely to promote the well being of the area as employment and development plays a key role to National development. He also congratulated the Organizers of the campaign and the various fun groups for their participation to promote a peaceful elections in the year 2016 and urged them to keep up the good work that has started and never to stop based on any one’s personal interest or political differences or religious differences as such acts can promote war and violence.

Hon Samuel K Oppong (MCE) also pledged to promote peace irrespective of the outcome of the 2016 general elections to promote peace in our Homeland Ghana and also urged the rest of the his competitors to do like-wise since we all belong to one nation. His speech was well received by all who were present and cheered him for his well delivered speech to promote peaceful elections 2016


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